How can we help you at GF-TIC?

We want to be your technological partner, providing you with high added value solutions and services, based on our vast experience.

We are specialists in:


We implement customised cybersecurity solutions, adapted to the specific needs of each infrastructure.

Advanced protection for end-user infrastructure.

Installation of intelligent systems for the protection of corporate data architecture.

Cybersecurity and GDPR compliance training courses for administrators and end-users.

Development of projects, provisioning of tools and management of services, aimed at providing cybersecurity solutions that meet the needs of our clients.


We provide technological solutions and services with high added value.

Procurement of equipment

We provide all types of computer equipment, offering installation and configuration service, being a partner of the main manufacturers in the market.

Networks GPON

To bring the connection to the network, Internet, IP telephony, analogue telephony and television signal, by optical fibre for hotel environments. GF-TIC is a company certified by the manufacturer Televes.

Installation and maintenance

Installation and support for IT infrastructures, both remotely and on site. Maintenance of cabling, network management, servers, computers, all types of equipment, as well as user management. Our maintenance contracts are adapted to the client’s needs.


Home and building automation with the KNX world standard. It is an open standard for the control of services in the domestic and industrial environment. GF-TIC is a KNX certified company.

We market enterprise VoIP solutions

PBXs in the cloud with decentralised extensions. Virtual switchboards with integration for office platforms in the cloud. Provisioning of mobile and fibre lines (FTTH).


Design, implementation and configuration of advanced protection systems against cyber-attacks by means of protection tools for the entire IT infrastructure of the company or corporation. Cybersecurity training sessions for corporate administrators and end users.

WebRTC telephony platforms with integration with the customer's corporate office solutions

Software based on WebRTC as a base, allowing you to create browser-accessible systems that simply work with Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari. And also:

  • Deploy quickly
  • Are compatible with multiple systems, including: Chromebook, Mac and PC
  • Have a single digital interface
  • Mobility to work anywhere

As a result, users do not need a VPN or SBC to be protected, facilitating fully secure solutions by design. Therefore, the solution means less time configuring software, more time working on projects and greater efficiency. GF-TIC is an officially certified partner of the manufacturer Wildix.

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Systems CCTV

With IP cameras for surveillance and detection, with the manufacturer Axis. Installation, configuration and maintenance of video surveillance systems.

Cutting-edge technology with Axis

At GF-TIC, we partner with the prestigious manufacturer Axis to provide you with state-of-the-art IP cameras. Axis technology guarantees exceptional image quality and advanced surveillance and detection features.

Custom Configuration

We understand that every environment is unique. We customise your system configuration to suit your specific needs, ensuring exceptional performance and easy integration with your existing systems.

Remote Monitoring and Secure Access

Access your video surveillance system anytime, anywhere. Our solutions allow remote monitoring so you can have peace of mind, knowing that you can keep an eye on your property in real time.

Professional Installation

Our team of security experts will handle the installation of your CCTV system with precision and efficiency. We ensure that each camera is strategically placed to provide optimal coverage.

Preventive and Reactive Maintenance

Keep your system in perfect condition with our maintenance service. We carry out preventive checks and are available to solve any problems quickly and efficiently, maximising the useful life of your investment.

Advanced Detection

Take advantage of the advanced detection capabilities of our Axis cameras. From identifying suspicious movements to instant notification, our solutions are designed to keep you one step ahead.

Sophos Central y Cisco Meraki & Umbrella

We have the most advanced tools and services on the market, developed to provide optimal protection of the client’s data infrastructure against cyber-attacks.

GF-TIC is an officially certified partner of the following manufacturers Sophos Cisco Meraki & Umbrella.

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Design and implementation of corporate data networks

Designing and executing structured cabling installations for computer networks, both Ethernet and fibre optic. Deployment and configuration of WiFi networks. We are officially certified by the manufacturer Mikrotik, with the highest level of technical certification for the installation and configuration of their devices, (MTCSE, MTCNA, MTCIPv6E, MTCINE, MTCRE…). We also have experience in the main brands on the market.

Optimise your network with the expertise of MikroTik professionals at GF-TIC!

We excel as experts in network configuration, optimisation and management using advanced MikroTik technology. From simple implementations to complex projects, our team of certified professionals ensures customised solutions that maximise the efficiency, security and performance of your network. Trust us to take your connectivity to the next level with the power and versatility that only MikroTik can offer.